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VA - Kinetik Festival - Volume One (2CD) (2008)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 28.05.2008 17:03
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE...... Industrial, EBM, Ambient, Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Trance, Hardcore, Electro
LABEL..... ArtofFact Records
QUALITY... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo 

Artoffact Records, in collaboration with Storming the Base and   
Kinetik Productions present: KINETIK FESTIVAL VOLUME 1, a        
double-CD compilation showcasing the artists, producers, and DJs 
performing at the first Kinetik Festival in Montreal, Canada on  
may 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2008.
Complementing the festival's four-stage concept, the Kinetik     
Festival compilation is divided into four sections:
Phase 1 // Electro
Devoted to electro sounds, Phase 1 gives us DJ MiniÆs infectious 
beats, an exclusive cut from electro-clasher Ascii.Disko, and the
always in-your-face The Horrorist.
Phase 2 // Industrial-Harsh EBM
The second Phase is devoted to industrial and harsh EBM,         
including contributions from well-known artists such as Funker
Vogt, Kiew, and Rabia Sorda as well as exclusive tracks from     
Headscan, Memmaker, Distorted Memory, and Cenotype.              
Phase 3 // Industrial-Noise-IDM 
More experimental and demanding, the third Phase is an exposΘ of 
avant-garde and conceptual music, starting from ground-breaking
artists such as Feindflug, This MornÆ Omina, and Sonar, and      
including newer artists who are bending the rules and making
waves in the scene. We have contributions from Terrorfakt,       
Empusae, Mono No Aware, Tonikom, and more. There are also
exclusive tracks from Xotox, Iszloscope, and Displacer, making   
this the perfect collector's item! 
Phase 4 // Techno-Hardcore 
Rounding out this collection is Phase 4, a nod to the influence  
of techno and hardcore on the electronic music world with        
contributions from Lenny Dee and Satronica. Both tracks are
essential and speak not only to the vision of the Kinetik        
Festival's organizers, but to the variety of music available on  
this collection.

Artoffact Bonus
Both CDs also feature exclusive bonus tracks from artists on the
Artoffact Records label. You will hear new material from Run     
Level Zero, Colony 5, Blank, and Individual Totem, as well as    
previews of upcoming releases from Massiv in Mensch (featuring   
Mind.In.A.Box), ex-Haujobb member Standeg, and Canadian-American
artist Kobold.
The Kinetik festival wants to be a reflection of electronic music
and its evolution during the last 25 years. Artoffact Records    
gives you a piece of that magic to take home. Released April
29th, 2008.
Phase 1 // Electro
1-01 Ascii Disko  Voices (Edit) (6:28)
1-02 Horrorist, The  Now Destructor (4:02)
1-03 DJ Mini (2)  Chronicles (3:46)

Phase 2 // Industrial & Harsh EBM

1-04 Funker Vogt  Snow Was Falling (3:57)
1-05 Rabia Sorda  Breaking Through (4:34)
1-06 Kiew  Graograman (Death Surrounds) (4:40)
1-07 Noisuf-X  Tinnitus (4:06)
1-08 Headscan  Tomorrow Square (6:35)
1-09 Memmaker  Death Comes (Remixed By Autodafé) (4:55)
Remix - Autodafé
1-10 Distorted Memory  Seven Voices Of Hate (4:58)
1-11 Cenotype  Save Me (There WIll Be No Saving Mix By ESA) (5:54)
Remix - ESA

Artoffact Bonus Tracks

1-12 Run Level Zero  Deny Me (3:51)
1-13 Blank  Sick And Dead (3:48)
1-14 Massiv In Mensch feat. Mind.In.A.Box  Supermassive Gravity (4:36)
1-15 Individual Totem  In Memorial (Gridlock Remix) (4:03)
Remix - Gridlock
1-16 Colony 5  Knives (Schallfaktor Remix) (5:08)
Remix - Schallfaktor

Phase 3 // Noise & IDM
2-01 Feindflug  Einmarsch (3:25)
2-02 This Morn' Omina  Ma/i/nomai (CCF) (4:36)
2-03 Sonar  Up The Wall (3:30)
2-04 Xotox  Ewig (Kinetik Mix) (4:02)
2-05 Mono No Aware  Ta'amulâ (4:29)
2-06 Empusae  Masterslave (4:03)
2-07 Terrorfakt  The Fine Art Of Killing Yourslef (The Operative Remix) (4:55)
Remix - Operative, The
2-08 Iszoloscope  In The Other Mind Of Us (Kinetik Cut) (5:04)
2-09 Displacer  Wraith (Mediums & Spirituals Mix) - Live In Leipzig (4:18)
2-10 Tonikom  Unsettling (4:13)
2-11 Synnack  Systema Adroit (Kinetik Version) (3:22)
2-12 Sorehead  Untitled Night (4:03)
2-13 PerfectionPlastic  K-Haus (6:11)

Phase 4 // Techno-Hardcore
2-14 Lenny Dee  Breakya Head (4:48)
2-15 Satronica feat. Betty Haze  Rise Up (5:12)

Artoffact Bonus Tracks
2-16 Standeg  Homes And Gardens (4:53)
2-17 Kobold  Torn (Rift Mix) (4:36)

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