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Die Krupps - II: The Final Option (2CD) (Remastered) (2011)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 20.03.2011 20:42
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE.....  Industrial, Metal
LABEL..... Synthetic Symphony/SPV
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 19-03-2011
COUNTRY... Germany

Die Krupps - II: The Final Option (2CD) (Remastered) (2011)

With the release of "II - The Final Option" DIE KRUPPS underpinned their status as pioneers   
being way ahead of their time and were hailed by critics for the forward-thinking style of    
theirs. That album saw a re-release on 25th February now with a remastered edition + remix    
CD. The list of remixer's names reads like the who-is-who of internationally acclaimed        
artists. Let's start with the remix FAITH NO MORE did for "Crossfire", a crunchy piece of     
electronically tinged rock mayhem with a cutting riff armada. Next name worth mentioning      
would be NINE INCH NAILS. Mr. Charlie Clouser chose to do a rendition of "Language Of         
Reality" here and it is really obvious who's been twiddling knobs here on this down-tempo     
beast that regardless of its tempo is blowing off one hell of a lot of steam. With the        
"Bloodsuckers" remix of DIE ─RZTE we're being served more traditional fodder with a           
forward-jumping rhythm that, however, doesn't fail to unfold its effect. On the other hand    
that what BIOHAZARD did with the tracks gives it a trip-hop sound with occasional violent     
chord bursts.
If you were looking for something catchy, your search was in vain until now. THE SISTERS OF   
MERCY gave "Fatherland" what could pass for a dancy, melodic electro song if it wasn't for    
the incursions of harsh guitars in the back. A great remix! It is one thing both the remixes  
of "Iron Man" have in common - they're highly danceable. But while KMFDM goes for a modern    
approach, PHILLIP BOA makes it sound raw, gritty which is why I prefer that remix over the    
other. You can get polished stuff a plenty these days. "Inside Out" in this included          
rendition paints a dark picture of self-destruction and doubts about life's purpose.          
Desperation is predominant in this song through Jurgen Engler's urgent delivery.              
"Shellshocked" is another track that has received two treatments here. First one has been     
crafted by Aaron Aedy of PARADISE LOST who's keeping it surprisingly electronic and           
spherical while EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN add a classic industrial sound styling to it. It is   
also the honour of this band to wrap it all up with their interpretation of "New Temptation"  
which basically sounds like noises from a construction site, being structured and injected    
with some artificially generated. Great experimental ending to the remix album 

Every one of the artists has put much thought into creating. Some are impressing simply by    
their sheer power; others with a rather experimental approach compared to the original. So    
all in all it is a worthy collection you're not finding everywhere anymore these days.
This is two CD digipak reissue of this 1993 album from the German Industrial band including   
a bonus CD containing the 1994 release The Final Remixes. This album actually invented the    
genre Electro Metal. Extensive liner notes containing rarely known background information     
and pictures of this revolutionary era of the band.
CD1 - The Final Option
01. Crossfire (04:44)
02. Language Of Reality (04:11)
03. Bloodsuckers (03:55)
04. Fatherland (04:12)
05. To The Hilt (04:50)
06. Iron Man (04:35)
07. Inside Out (04:22)
08. Paradise Of Sin (04:08)
09. Worst Case Scenario (04:21)
10. Shellshocked (03:36)
11. New Temptation (03:58)

CD2 - The Final Option Remixed
01. Crossfire (Jim Martin of Faith No More) (04:33)
02. Crossfire (Wild Child Rix of Gunshot) (04:10)
03. Language Of Reality (Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails with Mick Cripps) (04:44)
04. Bloodsuckers (Bela B. od Die Arzte and Gordie) (05:41)
05. Bloodsuckers (Evan & Billy of Biohazard) (04:06)
06. Fatherland (Andriew Eldritch of Sisters Of Mercy & Rodney Orpheus)) (04:40)
07. To The Hilt (Jackie Skog & Erlend Ottem of Clawfinger) (03:43)
08. Iron Man (KMFDM & Chris Shephard) (04:53)
09. Iron Man (Phillip Boa & M.D. Moses) (04:30)
10. Inside Out (Jeff Walker of Carcass) (05:12)
11. Paradise Of Sin (Luc Van Acker of Revolting Cocks) (04:05)
12. Worst Case Scenario (Wild Child Rix of Gunshot) (03:37)
13. Shellshocked (Aaron Andy of Paradise Lost) (04:06)
14. Shellshocked (F.M. Einheit of Einsturzende Neubauten) (03:56)
15. New Temptation (F.M. Einheit of Einsturzende Neubauten) (03:36)

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