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Leaether Strip - Dark Passages + Seasons Change - I Don't (2CD Limited Edition) (2010)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 04.11.2010 03:59
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE...... Electro, EBM, Industrial
LABEL..... Alfa Matrix
MODE ..... avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 11.03.2010
COUNTRY... Denmark

Leaether Strip - Dark Passages + Seasons Change - I Don't (2CD Limited Edition) (2010)

LEAETHER STRIP return with a 2CD box set including the "Dark     
Passages" motion soundtrack disc plus the new special studio     
album "Seasons Change - I Don't".
After having paid homage to one of his mentors (John Carpenter)  
on his "Hµlloween" EP, Claus Larsen now goes one level further   
by creating the complete soundtrack for the "Dark Passages"      
movie directed by Cesar Cruz. The alchemy of their creative      
union shows how much both men have been inspiring each other and 
how they have made each other's dreams come true: "I was really  
inspired by the script, so one song turned into three and then   
in a few weeks there was a full album. I just dropped everything 
I had going on at the time. This was what I had been waiting for 
since I had hair on my head" says Claus Larsen. "I have been a   
fan of AE for as long as I started Outworld Entertainment. I     
guess you can call it 'fate' or something. I first heard "Strap  
Me Down" on a compilation and I was instantly hooked! I have     
been listening to AE ever since. Working with Claus has been a   
dream come true. Claus has become a dedicated and talented       
friend/team member during this project. It was amazing to work   
with him. The man is a machine!" adds Cesar Cruz who recently    
won a new award for the video clip he made for LEAETHER STRIP's   
previous album song "Love Me or Die".

The "Dark Passages" CD features the complete versions of the     
songs to be used in the movie (including a bunch of vocal songs) 
and transports you straight into the film's sombre and dense     
atmosphere. It is a wonderful first glimpse into a film that you 
will all hopefully soon discover at one of the festivals where   
it's already lined up, or at its scheduled premieres. Hopefully  
this poignant soundtrack is the first in a series of future      
collaborations between both artists, challenging and taking them 
into other sides of their strong respective personalities.

This 2CD box also includes a new fourteen-track album, aptly     
titled "Seasons Change - I Don't", presenting new songs recorded 
just after the soundtrack. From the big beat of "Black Magic     
Man" through the dramatic feel of the depressive "Dead Swan",    
from the sexy and clubby groove of "Bondage Is Not a Crime" to   
the tearful intimacy of the dark electro title song, there are   
many hit moments on this new LEAETHER STRIP tour de force. Fans   
will also be thrilled by the extended versions of the soundtrack 
songs "Dark Passages" and "Everything Dies" which both have      
club-hit potential, as well as by new versions of the            
unavoidable "My Shadow Is Your Home" and "Voluntary              
Confinement". Last, but not least, two special collaborations    
with MORTIIS and EHRON VONALLEN put the cherry on the cake.
Seasons change... LEAETHER STRIP does NOT!
01. Dark Passages 05:35
02. Twisted Games 07:58
03. Everything Dies 09:03
04. Violence 05:33
05. Embracing Life's Fire 05:41
06. Amanda 13:02
07. The Dead Stare 07:29
08. Lilith 20:21
09. When Hate Takes Over 01:59

01. The End Of The Road 05:47
02. Black Magic Man 05:43
03. Bondage Is Not A Crime 05:42
04. Seasons Change - I Don't (Feat. Amanda Eisemann) 04:58
05. Dead Swan 05:12
06. It's Not Real 02:56
07. It's So Real 03:35
08. Door With No Handle 04:43
09. My Shadow Is Your Home (Extended) 08:47
10. Dark Passages (Extended) 07:57
11. Everything Dies (Extended) 09:02
12. Voluntary Confinement (Extended) 05:16
13. My Shadow Is Your Home (Ehron Vonallen Remix) 03:50
14. Embracing Life's Fire (Mortiis Remix) 05:46

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