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Deine Lakaien - Indicator (2CD) (2010)
Category: ElectronicDarkwave | Date: 17.09.2010 15:07
GENRE.... Electronic
STYLE..... Darkwave
LABEL..... Chrom Records
MODE..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany

Deine Lakaien - Indicator (2010)

"Older, wiser, but still we are these fighters" - one line from
DEINE LAKAIEN's song "Along our Road" expresses the message of   
their new album in a nutshell. One might equally say: farewell   
legends û welcome to reality. For, after a voyage of over twenty 
years' duration, DEINE LAKAIEN are ready to ditch all the old    
ballast and every last cliche to present the most exciting album 
of their entire career.

Few bands have so polarised opinion over the last two and a half 
decades as this duo, singer Alexander Veljanov and keyboard      
player Ernst Horn: it's always been a straight case of love or   
hate. Yet only a few notes of the opener suffice to recognise    
that past judgements - good or bad - no longer hold true. Tired  
categorizations are a thing of the past for this band. Having    
laid aside their masks and stepped out from the shadow of their  
history, the two dedicated performers are centred more clearly   
than ever in their own selves - which is an open invitation to   
listeners across the board to step into their world.             
It's exactly five years since Veljanov and Horn released their   
last studio album "April Skies" but they haven't just been       
twiddling their thumbs in the meantime. They celebrated their    
twentieth anniversary with an opulent orchestral tour and        
continue to pursue their long-standing tradition of acoustic     
tours: opportunities enough for a little soul-searching.

"Indicator" doesn't simply rehash tried and tested formulas. It  
heralds a whole new era. Anyone who's always appreciated DEINE   
LAKAIEN will find on this album a fine range of what the duo has 
always done well. Both musicians have, after all, crammed tons   
of experience into their tour luggage. One aspect is even more   
important than their return to electronic sounds: DEINE LAKAIEN  
now work to create intimacy with their listeners. They now have  
courage enough for poetic simplicity of a kind they have rarely  
attempted before. Their songs may still be highly emotional but  
divested of any touch of pathos they sound refreshingly carefree 
and light.

In addition to political and social commentaries the album also  
presents a few wonderful ballads and love songs. Yet DEINE       
LAKAIEN place the heady heights of emotion in the context of     
global developments. After 25 years they no longer want to wax   
lyrical about the theme of all themes, like some dashing         
romantics in the first boisterous throes of puberty.  In terms   
both of content and music, "Indicator" is a multifaceted,        
intense album that embraces the world's diversity, dreams and    
hopes, yet also relentlessly faces up to reality. The title      
"Indicator" must be understood also in that light.  DEINE        
LAKAIEN consciously chose a no-nonsense motto, not only for the  
listeners' sake but also for their own, and as a signpost on     
their new path. Because they're older, wiser, but still these
old fighters...
01. One Night
02. Who'll Save Your World
03. Gone
04. Immigrant
05. Blue Heart
06. Europe
07. Along Our Road
08. Without Your Words
09. Six O’Clock
10. Go Away Bad Dreams
11. On Your Stage Again
12. The Old Man Is Dead

Bonus CD:
01. Young2010
02. Spring will come
03. Alabama
04. Gone (The Platform Remix)
05. One Night (Acoustic Version)
06. Who ll save your world (Acoustic Version)
07. A Fish Called Prince (Acoustic Version)

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