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VA - Electronic Manifesto 4. Epitaph. The End Chapter (Limited Edition) (2010)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 15.07.2010 05:23
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE...... Industrial, IDM, Electro, Synth-pop
LABEL..... M-Tronic
MODE ..... avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 07.14.2010
COUNTRY... France

VA - Electronic Manifesto 4. Epitaph. The End Chapter (Limited Edition) (2010)

The fourth and last volume of the Electronic Manifesto is an     
heterogeneous compilation released into a limited run of 500     
copies and it gathers fourteen bands that have been invited to   
write their own epitaph. The album opens with three melancholic  
tracks made by TAT feat. Cypher & Pagan ("La fin de temps" mix   
Spanish melodies, electronic bass lines, orchestral arrangements 
and female spoken word), Stendeck ("It ended as it started" is a 
mix of ambient synth pads and electronic industrial rhythms) and 
Laag ("Tower of humans" is a convincing electronic mid tempo     
that gathers melodic deep vocals and electronic mid tempo        
rhythmic synth sounds with a nice texture of tiny melodies).     
With "When I was old (feat HIV+)" by Normotone we change a bit   
the registry thanks to cinematic atmospheres (recitative Spanish 
vocals with orchestral backgrounds and fragmented digital        
industrial rhythms). Ab Ovo with "Keystone" follow a similar     
path thanks to synth pads, piano reverbs, sampled vocals and     
guitar feedbacks. Flint Glass' "Death ritual" starts like a dark 
ambient track with ritual percussions just to turn after a       
couple of minutes into an ambient electronic tune with i.d.m.    
rhythm patterns. Philippe Petit & Lydia lunch, with "Requiescat  
in the dark", did a sort of movie for you ears where the         
passionate recitative voice of Lydia is joined by digital drones 
and processed strings. With Club Amour's "Science fiction" the   
compilation enters into the electronic realm with a good         
instrumental track where layers of synth pad orchestrations are  
sustained by vibrant bass lines. Melody and rhythm are the core  
of the track. With Umilenie's "Tempus fugit" we welcome retro    
e.b.m. music with an instrumental tune where upbeat rhythms      
(synth and drums) duet with catchy melodic lines. We have the    
same with Communter's "Analog death", a catchy electronic        
instrumental that will you beg for more. Veronika Nikolic's "My  
world (Ruben Montesco remix)" is the first tune to have a dancey 
rhythm and it's nice how it mixes electro beats with syncopated  
synth lines and a sensual female voice. Alexey Volkov's          
"Levitan" incarnate energy and strength thanks to retro e.b.m.   
4/4 distortions. Ex_Tension with "The call of elara (remix from  
the orginal version of 9 Elma)" mix e.b.m. energy and ambient    
atmospheres creating a good balance. Geomatic with "The skin     
(feat Ed Randazzo)" sound like Depeche Mode playing e.b.m.       
R3MUTE's with "Less than zero (feat HIV+, Normontone version)"   
are here with industrial e.b.m. sounds a la Hocico influenced a  
bit by electro music. PEDRO PENAS ROBLES & LAURENT MALTINTI with 
"Vaya con dios (Normotone edit version)" close the album with an 
industrial i.d.m. version of what sounds like being a classic    
Spanish guitar folk song. Nice compilation, indeed
1. TAT Feat. Cypher & Pagan La Fin Des Temps 3:52
2. Stendeck It Ended As It Started 4:59
3. LAAG Tower Of Humans 5:17
4. Normotone When I Was Old (Feat. HIV+) 4:57
5. Ab Ovo Keystone 4:41
6. Flint Glass Death Ritual 5:46
7. Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit Requiescat In The Dark 4:35
8. Club Amour Science Fiction 5:00
9. Umilenie Tempus Fugit 4:16
10. Commuter Analog Death 3:57
11. Veronika Nikolic My World (Ruben Montesco Remix) 6:51
12. Alexey Volkov Levitan 5:18
13. Ex_Tension The Call Of Elara (Remix From The Original Version By 9 Elma) 4:03
14. Geomatic The Skin (Feat. Ed Randazzo) 5:14
15. R3Mute Less Than Zero Feat. HIV+ (Normotone Version) 4:48
16. Pedro Penas Robles & Laurent Maltinti Vaya Con Dios (Normotone Edit Version) 4:28
Password: mp3db

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