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Adrian H And The Wounds - Self Titled (2009)
Category: ElectronicDarkwave | Date: 26.01.2010 01:12
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE...... Darkwave
LABEL.....  Lest We Forget
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 25-01-2010

Adrian H And The Wounds - Self Titled (2009)

Adrian H and The Wounds have a sound that is sinfully soulful and reminiscent of a night in   
a velvety dark room full of hallucinations, secrets and song. His voice is dark and icy and   
evokes impassioned stories of love, faith and loss. His post-goth, dark-glam style stirs up   
comparisons to Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Tom Waits. His lyrics are a reflection of his     
unorthodox religious upbringing. Adrian H and The Wounds are skilled with the language of     
violence and sharp wit. They cut to the core and make no apologies like a good Charles        
Bukowski story. If you like your music with a twist of raw emotion, then don't miss Adrian H  
and The Wounds.                                                                               

Adrian H writes crime scene songs. His self-titled debut with the Wounds features fairytale   
murders (on the very first track), dirty sex ("Cookies and Cocaine"), molestation ("Smoke")   
and, frequently shattered love. To say the stories in these eleven tracks are dark and        
strange doesn't begin to cover it. They're gutter-beautiful, all the more sexy for their      
seaminess. These tales are filled with implied people, "she" smells like smoke, "she" likes   
cookies and cocaine, "he" lived in a stump with a family of ticks, "he" has a sin to tell.    
Victims? or the Villains? It's clear that every one is a little of each.                      

Remember when parents warned kids about the evils and temptations of Rock'n'Roll? They were   
talking about bands like Adrian H and the Wounds.                                             

But these aren't just recollections of deeds themselves, there are also those post-coital     
late evening/very early morning moments of contemplation, need and regret. Songs like "I      
Only Smile to You" remind you why people start doomed relationships, why they drink even      
though they know the hangover is inevitable. Of couse ditties like "My House" and "She Won't  
Leave Me Alone" warn you of the dangers of love and loss... the dangers that often lead to    
the crimes chronicled in other songs. It's wicked, cyclical trap that we (you, me, the        
narrator) seem cursed to repeat.                                                              

Adrian's voice is perfect for conveying his twisted tales, he has that grave-digger rasp      
familiar to fans of Tom Waits but with more of a sleazy snarl. He's like the sketchy uncle    
you don't invite to family dinners anymore because he just doesn't get that somethings are    
*just not* discussed or DONE at the table.                                                    

He's also a hell of a piano player. He knows when to attack with it, catching you off guard   
or bursting forth with a rollicking barrage that pulls you along with it. He also knows when  
to pull back or be laid back. He can lull as well as rock. He can be a balladeer or a         
ballsy, bluesy bastard.                                                                       

The rest of the band compliments him well. The bass echoes the dread of Adrian's voice, and   
drummer Broken Heart knows when to fill, when to accent and when to lead the way. He knows    
his way around a kit and also knows that the best drummers are those who draw you in, not     
beat you down. I love the occasional inclusion of the saxophone parts, it gives the music a
broken jazz feel that somehow completes it.
01 Murder In The Forest
02 Cookies And Cocaine
03 Straight Leg With A Crooked Stick
04 Smoke
05 I Owe My Smile To You
06 My House
07 Some Other Place
08 Let Me Go
09 She Won't Leave Me Alone (The Bug Song)
10 The Old Church
11 East 10th Street
Password: mp3db

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