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LocalDaddyS - WallPapeR (2009)
Category: ElectronicTechno | Date: 04.01.2010 03:38
After 4 years of crafting their sounds and ideas it’s now time for the release of their first album, a bit of a milestone for the boys as they’ve put a lot of energy and believe in it. German based label Salto Recordings presents : ‘Wallpaper’. The Localdaddys first album as a official ADE2009 release. Their biggest fans are probably the Border Community boys, James Holden and Petter have been huge fans from the start and the last producer who caught their sound is Dutch native Applescal who included one of their songs as a remix on his last album.
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE..... Tech House, Minimal
LABEL..... Salto Recordings
MODE...... 320kbps / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE...  03-01-2010

LocalDaddyS - WallPapeR (2009)

It’s 1991, or was 1987 ? Worldwide there’s this new thing in music called house and it’s spreading its message around the Globe fast, infecting people worldwide, unstoppable. In Amersfoort people get infected as well, one of them being Dave Kramers who soon started playing records on little parties and raves. Inspired by the new music he decides to start up his own shop, DaDaDance Records, a logical choice of name as his infamous DaDaDance parties in and around Amersfoort had been successful for some years then already. His mixture of serious house, techno and later on minimal during those parties was inspired by people such as Dimitri, Eddy de Clerq and Joost van Bellen and places like the famous Roxy.

Next to his own parties he also worked closely with Barcelona’s V.O.T.S parties for 3 years, spreading his personal style of house. But Dave isn’t satisfied yet, his new goal is to make music and so he started working on his new dream, learning to produce and spending countless days and weeks in his studio, crafting his skills. In 2004 he released the tracks “Medicalloop” and “Tonta” that saw light of day on Wally’s Grooveworld records in Belgium. They received very good credits from Kruder and Dorfmeister and Pako and Frederik to name a few. Around the same time he met Bas Borsten, a musical multitalent who managed to hit the right chord with Dave and as a result the Localdaddys where born.

Bas, who was brought up with music with a dad who was an opera singer, a house filled with Jazz and classical music and a deep love for drums and singing made a logical step when he turned to latter age . He started studying drums at the Conservatory in Utrecht. Halfway the nineties he got serious into composing with the computer as a new instrument, influenced by the record collection from his older brother from the seventies. Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, velvet Underground…Listening to the Localdaddys is like a breath of seventies in a digital new era surrounding. It’s obvious where Localdaddys got their inspiration from, more interesting though is how they manage to capture an old vibe in a 4/4 surrounding.

Their love for analogue sounds defines a great part of their sound. Bended synthlines and haunting and mesmerizing vocals from Bas reflect an era where music was still an adventure and paths where yet to be taken. It’s not a simple copy paste feel what they produce, it’s way more then that if you listen to tracks like ‘Djoo Yep’ and maybe ‘Graham’. It’s fresh and different, seeking the right atmosphere for their music to join the vocals and lyrics that are a significant part of their music.

Maybe it’s enough talk for now, after all it’s the music that will speak for itself. Have a listen and embrace their message...
01. Hello I Am Back
02. Jim
03. Djooh Yep
04. Sjeesh Up
05. Djooh Yep (Darko Esser Remix)
06. Sjeesh Up (E-Contact Remix)
07. Djooh Yep (Luci Remix)
08. Sjeesh Up (Applescat Remix)
09. Kilt
10. Wallpaper
11. Wallpaper (E-Contact Remix)
12. Maybe Greham
Password: mp3db

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