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The Durutti Column - Four Factory Records (6CD Limited Edition Remastered) (2009)
Category: Electronic | Date: 13.11.2009 03:26
GENRE..... Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Rock
STYLE...... Folk Rock, Modern Classical, Avantgarde, Art Rock, Ambient, Abstract, Experimental
LABEL...... Kooky Records
MODE...... VBRkbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 11-12-2009

The Durutti Column - Four Factory Records (6CD Limited Edition Remastered) (2009)

A 6CD set containing the re-issue of the first four albums by the Durutti Column. Originally  
released on Factory Records label  between 1980 and 1984, these albums have been carefully    
re-mastered from the original master tapes, which had been thought to be lost along with the  
demise of Factory in the mid 1990's. Ironically these had been stored along with many other   
tapes at Tony Wilson's home and were passed on for this release by his son Oliver.  This six  
CD box set  is limited to 1175 copies and comprises of: Four fully re-mastered albums: 1.     
The Return Of The Durutti Column,  2. LC, 3. Another Setting,  4. Without Mercy, plus two     
limited bonus CDs only available as part of this boxset; 5. Unreleased: demos, versions and   
outtakes from the period,6. Live: previously unreleased live recordings from London,          
Glasgow, and Brighton 82/84. The package also includes extensive liner notes and interviews   
with the key protagonists from the period. Only available from Independent stores and very    
Albums re-mastered from the original tapes by Keir Stewart.                                   
RETURN OF THE DURUTTI COLUMN All songs written by Vini Reilly. Produced by Martin Hannett.    
Recorded at Cargo, Rochdale. Engineered by John Brierley. Mixed at Strawberry Studios,        
LC All songs written by Vini Reilly. Produced by Vini Reilly and Stewart Pickering. Recorded  
and Mixed at Graveyard Studios, Prestwich. Engineered by Stewart Pickering.                   
ANOTHER SETTING All songs written by Vini Reilly. Recorded and mixed at Strawberry Studios,   
Stockport. Engineered by Chris Nagle.                                                         
WITHOUT MERCY All songs written by Vini Reilly. Produced by Anthony Wilson and Michael        
Johnson. Recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport. Engineered by Michael Johnson; assisted   
by Tim Dewey and Nigel Beverley. Mixed at Britannia Row, London.                              
DEMOS / STUDIO All songs written by Vini Reilly. Compiled and mastered from studio and home   
demos at Far Heath Studios by Angus Wallace and at Kooky by Phil Cleaver. Thanks to Mike      
LIVE All songs written by Vini Reilly. Compiled and mastered from original cassette mixing    
desk dates at Kooky by Phil Cleaver. Special thanks to Bruce Mitchell for the source          
Liner notes written, and interviews conducted, by John Cooper. Archival album photography by  
Carsten Fleck. Designed by Steven Hankinson. / Kooky acknowledgements: Special thanks to      
Bryn, Iain, John and Simon (the 'kooky thinktank'); Bruce Mitchell and Mike Mitchell for the  
live and demo material; Oli Wilson for assistance in providing the original masters; Emma     
and Alison. Extra special thanks to John Cooper, John Cox, Darren Crawford, Steven Hankinson  
and Kerry Wadsworth for making this happen very well very quickly.                            
Vini Reilly acknowledgements: Thank you for keeping the ship afloat Mr Bruce Mitchell Esq.    
(The Gonzo Drum Master), Mr Keir Stewart for enabling Vini to record and producing beyond     
the call of duty, Brosci (the 5th member of The Durutti Column), all of Bruce's family, all   
of my family, all of Poppy's family (contributions from Kate and Ruby), Michael Pitrick for   
hairstyle, Phil Cleaver and Emma, Alex McMurtrie, John Cooper, Gary at Sounds Great, Damian   
my doctor, Joanne Ingleby (dental care), my harvest mouse (Sa Ding Ding), Mr Anthony H        
Wilson and extended family, Alan Erasmus, Les Thompson (and Jill), Laurie Laptop, Mark        
Prendergast (for forthcoming book), John Lennard and Savanna, Howard Sharrock (the great      
entrepreneur and friend) and Bruce Mitchell most of all - my best friend and the most superb  
drummer on the planet.                                                                        
"Alan introduced Tony to me. Tony came round to see me, never having heard me play. Alan      
brought Tony round three times before I finally agreed to take part and put a band together   
with other musicians. I insisted that I would have control and all kinds of ridiculous        
things, which was just silly."                                                                
Vini Reilly explains in his most recent interview (for Scream City fanzine) how The Durutti   
Column was born.                                                                              
Alan was Alan Erasmus and Tony was Tony Wilson. In 1978 they were looking for a band their    
new record label, Factory Records.                                                            
The Durutti Column featuring Vini Reilly, a classically-trained pianist and virtuoso          
guitarist, took their name from Spanish revolutionary Buenaventura Durruti and the cartoon    
of Two Situationist Cowboys in the comic Le Retour De La Colonne Durutti (1966). Centred      
around Reilly, the then five-piece band recorded two tracks for FAC-2 A Factory Sample, the   
first ever music release on Factory Records. Vini, not happy with the band or the             
punk-styled recording, then walked out because it was "complete and total rubbish". Alan and  
Tony persuaded Vini to return, saying "you are The Durutti Column" and the rest is history.   
To this day, The Durutti Column is still essentially Vini Reilly. But whilst he is the        
constant, legendary Manchester musician, nay institution, Bruce Mitchell (ex-Alberto Y Trios  
Lost Paranoias) has been the drummer since the seminal album LC (1981). A succession of       
other guests has augmented the line-up over the years, notably John Metcalfe (The Duke        
Quartet), Tim Kellett (Olive, Simply Red) and Keir Stewart (Durutti producer and more since   
Always at the forefront of technology thanks to Factory's innovative (but sometimes           
misguided policies), The Durutti Column released the first cd-only popular music album with   
their Domo Arigato (1985) live album recorded live in Tokyo. Factory predicted "No vinyl      
within 5 years" but what did they know!? Later, The Guitar and Other Machines (1988) was the  
first ever commercially available album to be released on Digital Audio Tape. Perversely it   
was also promoted with a 7" flexi-disc - a relic of a bygone age. In 1995, the Factory Too    
album Sex and Death also appeared in interactive CD-ROM format. More recently, and keeping    
up their record of having appeared on every incarnation of Factory Records, their debut for   
Tony Wilson's all-too-shortlived F4 Records, was the digital download-only E.P. Heaven Sent   
(It Was Called Digital. It Was Heaven Sent) (2004). The launch of this release was            
celebrated with a live webcast of a gig from Shetland.                                        
Throughout it all, musical experimentation has always been the keynote of The Durutti         
Column's music. Able to flit from Classical on Without Mercy (1984) to House on Obey The      
Time (1990) via Opera on Vini Reilly (1990), it has never been possible to pin Vin down.      
Famously, he did some sterling work on Morrissey's debut album Viva Hate. But, when asked to  
work on the follow-up, he declined because Morrissey didn't want to take it to the next       
level, to experiment.                                                                         
Helljoy it, buy it or D2H!
CD1 - The Return of The Durutti Column
01   Sketch For Summer
02   Requiem For A Father
03   Katharine
04   Conduct
05   Beginning
06   Jazz
07   Sketch For Winter
08   Collette
09   In 'D'
CD2 - LC
01   Sketch For Dawn 1
02   Portrait For Frazier
03   Jacqueline
04   Messidor
05   Sketch For Dawn 2
06   Never Known
07   The Act Committed
08   Detail For Paul
09   The Missing Boy
10   The Sweet Cheat Gone
CD3 - Another Setting
01   Prayer
02   Response
03   Bordeaux
04   For A Western
05   The Beggar
06   Francesca
07   Smile In The Crowd
08   You've Heard It Before
09   Dream Of A Child
10   Second Family
11   Spent Time
CD4 - Without Mercy
01   Without Mercy  I
02   Without Mercy II
CD5 - Demos / Studio Bonus
01   Intervals (Home Recording 1978)
02   Katharine (Home Recording 1978)
03   Untitled (Home Recording 1978)
04   Conduct (Home Recording 1978)
05   In 'D' (Issued On Second Pressing Of Return Of)
06   The Act Committed (Graveyard Studio Demo LC)
07   Portrait For Frazer (Graveyard Studio Demo LC)
08   Detail For Paul (Graveyard Studio Demo LC)
09   Never Known (Graveyard Studio Demo LC)
10   Experiment In Fifth (Graveyard Studio Demo LC)
11   Untitled LC Demo (Graveyard Studio Demo LC)
12   Never Known (Four Track Home Demo)
13   Mavuchka (Released In Place Of Messidor In Some Territories On LC)
CD6 - Live Bonus
01   Messidor (Night Moves, Glasgow 19,02,82)
02   Party (Night Moves, Glasgow 19,02,82)
03   Danny (Night Moves, Glasgow 19,02,82)
04   Mercy Theme (London School of Economics 14,12,84)
05   Mercy Dance (London School of Economics 14,12,84)
06   Prayer (London School of Economics 14,12,84)
07   The Beggar (London School of Economics 14,12,84)
08   The Missing Boy (London School of Economics 14,12,84)
09   For Belgian Friends (Brighton Zap Club 15,12,84)
10   Self Portrait (Brighton Zap Club 15,12,84)
11   Sketch for Summer (Brighton Zap Club 15,12,84)
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