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Marc Almond - Live At Lokerse Feesten 2000 (2006)
Category: Pop | Date: 16.10.2009 04:03
GENRE..... Pop Rock, New Wave
LABEL..... Charly Films LLC
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Oct-14-2009

Marc Almond - Live At Lokerse Feesten 2000 (2006)

CD audio from DVD+CD edition of Marc Almond's "Live at Lokerse Feesten 2000".
Perhaps no other so-called "one hit wonder" has had such an amazing after career as Marc      
Almond. While diminishing his work with Soft Cell seems blasphemous, especially in light of   
what the singer accomplished with keyboardist Dave Ball, the world seems settled on           
referring to the duo as "those 'Tainted Love' guys". But just like there is more to Gary      
Numan than "Cars" (much, much more), Almond has spent the last two decades outside of Cell    
creating a clever, complex, and very human place for himself. He's gone from techno dance     
dream and gay icon (he is openly so) to troubled torch singer and cultural afterthought. Yet  
few in his pop music purview have had the guts to redefine their style with such manifest     
disdain for what the CD buying public would say. From the works for Jacques Brell to          
traditional Russian folk ballads, he's become a legitimate artist. This DVD presentation      
from the Lokerse Feesten circa 2000 illustrates one of the amazing rest stops along the path  
of Almond's continuing creative journey. It's a sly and evocative experience.                 
Flanked by a keyboardist, a guitarist, and a sample box filled with rhythmic backing tracks,  
Almond takes a detour from his intimate staged showcases to strut some new stuff off his      
Open All Night album. The audience is a decidedly laidback Brussels bunch. Theatrical to the  
end, the flamboyant frontman sells everything here with a performance passion that's          
unmatched. He is greeted with occasional claps and some unwarranted ennui. We are treated to  
the following tracks as part of this intriguing set list:                                     
"One Big Soul" - from the 1999 album Open All Night                                           
"Black Kiss" - from the 1999 album Open All Night                                             
"My Love" - from the 1999 album Open All Night                                                
"Open All Night" - from the 1999 album Open All Night                                         
"My Hand Over My Heart" - from the 1991 album Tenement Symphony                               
"Love to Die For" - from the 1996 album Fantastic Star                                        
"Child Star" - from the 1996 album Fantastic Star                                             
"Something's Got a Hold of My Heart" - from the 1988 album Stars We Are                       
"The Days of Pearly Spencer" - from the 1991 album Tenement Symphony                          
"A Love Spurned" - from the 1990 album Enchanted                                              
"The Idol" - from the 1996 album Fantastic Star                                               
"Jacky" - from the 1991 album Tenement Symphony                                               
"Tears Run Rings" - from the 1988 album Stars We Are                                          
"Bedsitter" - from the 1981 Soft Cell album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret                           
"Tainted Love" - from the 1981 Soft Cell album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret                        
"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" - from the 1981 Soft Cell album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret             
Clearly, this critic loves Marc Almond. Ever since he heard the haunting strains of "Youth"   
during a BBC broadcast in 1981, the musician has been both an inspiration and an              
aggravation. For every calculated step toward revisiting the music that made him viable, he   
challenged the faithful by going off into unusual and sometimes unapproachable areas. Of      
course, that was during the actual height of the infighting, so to speak. Now, he seems like  
a sage, a prophet whose preaching makes perfect sense, especially for those who have since    
caught up to his unique creativity. While not the best filmed concert ever, Live at the       
Lokerse Feesten 2000 deserves a score of Highly Recommended. It features a major musical      
symbol striving to make sense of the sounds in his head - and succeeding in many, multihued   
ways. If you only know "Tainted Love", you don't know Marc Almond. It's time to appreciate    
him while he - and his undeniable talent - still cares.                                       
Helljoy it!
01 one big soul
02 black kiss
03 my love
04 open all night
05 my hand over my heart
06 love to die for
07 child star
08 something's gotten hold of my heart
09 the days of pearly spencer
10 a lover spurned
11 the idol
12 jacky
13 tears run rings
14 bedsitter
15 tainted love
16 say hello wave goodbye
Password: mp3db

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