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Theme - Valentine (Lost) Forever (2009)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 15.09.2009 19:41
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Industrial, Illbient, Abstract, Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient, Experimental
Release Date: 14-09-2009
Quality: VBRkbps/44.1kHz/Joint-Stereo
Label: Heart & Crossbone

Theme - Valentine (Lost) Forever (2009)

Theme are essentially presently a trio based in Krakow (Poland), Leicester (UK) and Paris     
(France). They began life when (the recently reactivated) Splintered, their previous band,    
reached a standstill in a generally typical 'Rock 'n' Roll' sea of foul tempers,              
ego-trippin', loss of sanity and narcotics sometime around the end of 1997, following a       
short European tour partly designed to promote the fifth and what at the time was deemed the  
last CD album (an eponymous collaboration with Germany's wonderful RLW). The debut album by   
Theme then took a painstaking amount of time and travelling to put together and finally       
appeared in 2000, titled 'On Parallel Shores Removed', on both founding member Richard        
Johnson's Fourth Dimension imprint and Tremor Recordings. At the time, and until 2006, Theme  
were a trio comprising Stuart Carter and Hassni Malik besides the aforementioned Richard      
Johnson. However, following the release of the second CD album, 'Our Angels Dislocated' (on   
Lumberton Trading Company), during mid-2006, Hassni Malik departed from the band to focus on  
his involvement with Brighton collective, The Vitamin B12, some solo endeavours and his       
paintings. In May 2007, Jeanne Boyer then replaced Hassni Malik as a (part-time) member       
helping with both live and recorded work.                                                     
The music Theme play utilises a blend of real (often stringed or eastern) instruments, field  
recordings and found sounds in a digital environment which neither confines them or loses     
sight of the organic sources. All of the instruments which can be heard are real and,         
likewise, nearly all other sounds are generated by Theme themselves, or occasional            
collaborators. Always moving and evolving, Theme attempt to explore all the possibilities     
which unfurl before them whilst simultaneously trying to avoid becoming too clinical,         
methodical, cold or detached in the process. The idea being to either channel or evoke the    
spaces Theme feel (un)comfortable in themselves; the state where perhaps calmness and         
numbness collide alongside too many convoluted thoughts, reflections and barely formed        
dreams. The space between consciousness and subconsciousness...                               
A third album will appear in August/September 2009 on Israel's HCB Recordings. Unlike the     
previous two, it features more in the way of vocals and voices. Titled 'Valentine (Lost)      
Forever' it is a richer affair concerned with bitterness, abstract thought and those lines    
between past and present where all notions of the 'self' can feel abandoned, lost or without  
meaning or purpose. Created from personal experience, late night recording sessions obscured  
by plumes of green smoke, the continued bouncing around of ideas prodded and poked at for at  
least two years, contemplation, and a little inspiration from Scott Walker's 'The Drift',     
it's the most 'song'-orientated work Theme have done so far. A remix by Steven Severin also   
features. At more or less the same time, Theme appear on a limited edition album on           
Lumberton Trading Company called 'Autumn Blood (Constructions)' with a piece titled 'Nothing  
Here'. Other contributors include kindred spirits such as Peter Christopherson, Volga,        
Steven Severin, Lawrence English, Birds Build Nests Underground, Human Greed (with LeeDVD),   
Formication, Sion Orgon, Zenial/Banabila, Andrew Liles and Colin Potter.
01   Valentine (Lost) Forever
02   Point Of Everything
03   An Answer To All Life
04   Time Always Wins
05   Burn The Truth
06   A World Away
07   Burn: Redux (Steven Severin Remix)
Password: mp3db

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