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Tamtrum - Fuck You I'm Drunk And / Stronger Than Cats (2CD Limited Edition) (2009)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 08.05.2009 21:19
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE.....  Electro, Rock, Dark-Electro
LABEL..... Alfa Matrix
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo

Tamtrum - Fuck You I'm Drunk And Stronger Than Cats (2CD Limited Edition) (2009)

Spring 2009 - France: Aix-en Provence's authorities put the      
Southern region of France on a state of "maximum alert" after
the departmental police reported serious risks of a new popular  
revolt û exactly 3 years after the last curfew was imposed.      
Punished for writing the very controversial album 'Elektronic    
Blakc Mess' and for promoting anarchy and revolution on the      
French music scene, the TAMTRUM gang had their room and phone    
monitored for years so it seemed. And this is probably how the
secret services discovered the French gang's imminent new        
assault, expressing once more their engaged desire for a musical 
regime change. Here is the real story of what is occurring in    
Aix-en-Provence today: communiques and other pieces of evidence  
prove that TAMTRUM shall be back in town exactly 3 years after
their last opus, armed with a conceptual 3rd album that will for 
sure once more let ink flow... Note that there is a secret         
code-link hidden in the album that opens doors for fans to       
experience extreme artistic freedom - allowing the listeners to
take control on the future of the music industry itself.         
TAMTRUM's new sonic shock is conceptually divided into 2         
radically different parts:  the A-side with 'Fuck You I'm Drunk'
and the B-side with 'Stronger Than Cats'... The adventure starts    
straight into it by inviting you, against any expectation, to a  
depraved cocktail party of brainless electro rock'n clash orgy   
full of sex, drugs, alcohol and other forbidden sounds. TAMTRUM
are partying at full speed with provocative nonsense 'drunk'n    
fuck' lyrics over groovy carrying tunes. The toxic combination   
opens your senses to the maximum and prepares your intoxicated   
body to next take on the 'Stronger Than Cats assault. This      
'B-sideö reveals a more deviant and darker face of the band,
bringing 'dark elektro on speed' tracks, carrying you with them  
on another upbeat bad trip, on their spiralling descent to hell  
and the end of the 'fete'... Sylvicious, Benoit XVI and Fixhead    
dared to challenge the TAMTRUM sound and are now fucking ready   
for another infectious and shocking tour across Europe that will
bring this new level of hi-energy and merciless                  
aggressive-groovy assault to their summoned audiences. Remember  
that TAMTRUM is above all a live band bringing strip-tease shows 
and other weird & unpredictable liquid / fluo-chemical           
performances to stage, which only reinforces their brutal,       
uncompromising and decadent image. Keep the fainthearted kids
secluded at home! For the hardcore fans of TAMTRUM, the album is 
also available as a CD Splicase deluxe edition strictly limited  
to 666 copies with explicit stickers and on a bonus second cd:   
the sonic recording in 6 acts of selected total                  
reinterpretations of TAMTRUM's new hits by Claus Larsen
(LEAETHER STRIP/KLUTAE) in total freedom of musical speech. This 
is not a collaboration, this is a true electronic devastating
rape by the master of electronic mayhem.
01 Ass Rider
02 I Think Ov Me When I Touch Yourself
03 Fuck You I'm Drunk                                     
04 Smart                                                  
05 Milky Boy
06 Interlude
07 Countdown                                              
08 Speed Madly Twisted Earth Fuck Off                     
09 Stronger Than Cats
10 Les Enfants De Dieu
11 O.Killed
12 Junkie, Funky, Monkey!
01 Ass Rider (Leaether Strip Remix)
02 I Think Ov Me When I Touch Yourself (Leaether Strip Remix)
03 Milky Boy (Leaether Strip Remix)
04 Les Enfants De Dieu (Leaether Strip Remix)
05 Stronger Than Cats (Leaether Strip Remix)
06 O.Killed (Leaether Strip Remix)

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