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Ataraxia - Oil On Canvas (Limited Edition) (2009)
Category: ElectronicDarkwave | Date: 21.03.2009 16:23
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE..... Darkwave, Medieval, Folk, Neo-Classical, Gothic
LABEL.... Ultra Mail Productions
MODE...... avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 03.20.2009          

Ultra-Mail Productions is a label based in Hong Kong, which has  
released one of the most beautiful pieces of art in the
discography and history of Ataraxia. This album has been         
released in a box containing a cd (in digipak format), 3         
postcards and a very artistic book including 96 pages in full    
colour format. On these pages you can find verses and lyrics     
written by Francesca Nicoli, which are illustrated with very     
artistic pictures. Images of artwork, nature, isolated and
abandoned rooms... which are like the mirror reflecting the soul   
of Ataraxia. The album is collection of 14 songs released all    
over the years and the impressive discography of this band. I    
think it would be wrong to speak about a "best of", but more
about a selection of songs fitting into a kind of conceptual     
idea behind this release and its format, which leads me to the   
opening sentence of the text inside the digipak: 'Music is the
gift of Muses, their own sacred voice'. I guess this is quite    
appropriated to the sound of Ataraxia. This Italian band
characterized by the enigmatic voice of singer Francesca Nicoli  
has always moved in between different styles and influences.
Ethereal, medieval, folk, neo-classical and gothic are like the  
main influences that have always made the splendour of this      
band. But more than simply splendour, Ataraxia is a band full of 
grace and magic. I don't know much bands able to produce this    
kind of magic from rather melancholic songs. "Oil On Canvas" is  
a sonic universe full of reverie, which totally fits to the
title of this album. With some imagination you can easily        
imagine the songs becoming the oil and the painting on a canvas. 
The song writing of Ataraxia is delicate while the sound is      
rather unique. This impressive release limited to 800 copies is
a good opportunity to rediscover some of their most essential    
songs like ôPastoraleö, ôLa Reine Des Hommes Aux Yeux Vertsö,    
ôEaudelamerö or yet ôMon Ame SorciΦreö. The absolute high light  
is an unreleased track composed in 2007 and entitled ôTemenosö.  
This song brings an irresistible climax through a well-crafted
rhythmic that goes crescendo. The last song is another little    
gift for the heaviest fans of the band. ôRashanö is an exclusive 
track composed in 2008 and bringing this album to a good end!    
This is not just a collector's item for the fans of Ataraxia,    
but a homage to the genius of this band!

96 pages, hard cover, full colour book + 3 postcards             
+ 14 tracks six panel digipack CD (12 remastered                 
songs with 1 rarity and 1 exclusive new track)
Collector's item limited to 800 copies! Enjoy!!!
01. Fengari (from “Kremasta Nera”- 2007)
02. The bay is white in silent light (from V. Vandelli “A day of warm rain in heaven”- 2004)
03. Pastorale (from “Simphonia Sine Nomine”- 1994)
04. Zelia (from “La malédiction d’Ondine”- 1995/2007)
05. Mon Ame Sorcière (from “Suenos”- 2001)
06. La reine des hommes aux yeux verts (from “Paris Spleen”- 2006)
07. Blood of cherries (from “Saphir”- 2004)
08. Daytia (from “Lost Atlantis”- 1999)
09. Dulcamara (from “Concerto N.6”- 1996)
10. Flée et Fabian (from “Nosce te Ispum” – 1991/2008)
11. Eaudelamer (from “Mon seul désir”- 2002)
12. Temenos (rare track - 2007)
13. The Ocean Green (from V. Vandelli “A day of warm rain in heaven”- 2004)
14. Rashan (exclusive new track- 2008)
Password: mp3db

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