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Miss Kittin And The Hacker - Two (Advance) (2009)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 05.03.2009 18:48
LABEL: Nobody's Bizzness
GENRE: Electronic
STYLE: Electro, Electroclash
BITRATE: 176kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME: 00:57:43 
SIZE: 73.5MB
STORE DATE: 2009-03-24

Miss Kittin & The Hacker: "Two"
Miss Kittin (Caroline Herve) & The Hacker (Michel Amato). Individually, as
writers, artists, Djs and producers they are impressive.
On the brand new album, "Two", together again as a duo, they are unrivalled.
It's been far too long since the release of their era-defining classic "1st
Album", but wait no more, dear music lover, for they are back with a bang. And
you'd better believe, it's a big, cosmic "bang".
Miss Kittin & The Hacker have not only forged a new path on this impressive
collection of new material, but also, by transforming and remodelling their many
musical influences, they have fashioned a club-based European cyber-pop of their
very own.
The album also features a wonderful, stellar sprinkling of metallic soul,
glamorous space disco, glossy vocal nuances, crystalline beats and swirling
melodies. The music possesses a sexy androgyny, glistening and pulsating. And
the songs? Sometimes narrative, sometimes confessional, direct and alternatively
clouded in mystery. And the lyrics, are they... "blue or grey"?
Let's talk about the songs!
"The Womb". A gently lapping, intergalactic introduction succumbs to a
tumultuous thumping early Madchester style robo-rhythm with Miss Kittin intoning
"Evolution" in her best Shaun Ryder. An opening blast-off.
"1000 Dreams". Begins life in the land of Space's "Magic Fly" and ascends into a
lovely warm euro-tinged track with a nod to Propaganda and classic 80's synth
pop. A beautiful melody line from The Hacker sends the track into the
stratosphere. This is the second commercially available single release from the
"PPPO". Or, if you prefer: People, Pleasure, Objects, Power. Is this what Nitzer
Ebb might have sounded like if they were sexier? This is electronic music at
it's best, bursting with energy, hooks, dynamism and power. Watch out for this
track on a pre-release to the clubs as the first single complete with Function's
(Sandwell District) remix, before the album release.
"Party in my Head". Classic Moroder meets disco era Blondie. On Saturn. A dance
track, which conjures up visions of dry ice, ultra-violet lighting and spinning
mirror ball reflections. There's a constant party in someone's head, somewhere,
is there not? Check this out when it is released commercially as the third
single after the album release date. It will also feature remixes.
"Indulgence". Full-on electro-rock n' roll EBM dance-floor work out. Will sound
extremely dangerous gushing forth from a huge speaker stack in a club. A live
"Emotional Interlude". An image of Dⁿsseldorf lingers in the foreground. Miami
(or perhaps Detroit) skyline is in the hinter-ground. Kittin intones a sinuous
mantra over The Hacker's growling bass drones. Gorgeous.
"Suspicious Minds". The spirit of the King lives on in this sweetest cover
version and the first Kittin & Hacker vocal duet. Had he been around, the King
would have gotten on down to this at Studio 54 for sure. In his white suit.
"Electronic City". Original metal beat minimalism (Conny Plank / John Foxx
style) dissolves into the purist of neon melodies. A wonderful and extremely
moving track, contrasting (and then fusing) starkness and warmth. It's all
present here. Berlin... are you listening?
"Inutile ╔ternitΘ". Futile Eternity. In which the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
guided by The Hacker has kidnapped Kittin and tele-transported her to Spirea X.
Ultra-Nu Beat for the 21st Century.
"Ray Ban". Potentially the perfect TV ad soundtrack for your favourite
after-hours shades and eye-wear brand. "Is it grey? Or blue?" What is reality?
Sometimes, it's not so easy to tell when one steps out of the club.
"1000 Dreams (Reprise)". A luscious electronic lullaby for the end to a perfect
evening brings the album to a soothing and gentle close. In the twilight of a
listen. A fitting ending to an excellent album.

Miss Kittin and The Hacker hit the road in 2009 and will be appearing live
across Europe from April onwards, hitting the USA in September and then onto
Asia and Australia. Dates to follow.
1. The Womb
2. 1000 Dreams
4. Party In My Head
5. Indulgence
6. Emotional Interlude
7. Suspicious Minds
8. Electronic City
9. Inutile ╔ternite
10.Ray Ban
11.1000 Dreams (Reprise)
Password: mp3db

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