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VA - It Just Is In Memoriam Jhonn Balance (2CD) (2005)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 10.08.2007 19:21
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Noise, Experimental, Industrial
Release Date: 06-08-2007
Quality: VBRkbps/44.1kHz/Joint-Stereo
Label: Fulldozer/Nocharizma

Tribute records can often be dicey affairs. Honorable intentions aside, many of these         
records suffer from uneven performances, whether fawning imitations or slapdash efforts.      
What makes this memorial compilation to the late Coil composer/vocalist/percussionist Jhonn   
Balanceùfrom the Russian experimental electronic label/magazine Fulldozer and the Ukrainian   
label Nocharizmaùso impeccable is that it reveals the hidden popularity (at least to          
Westerners) of Coil in Russia and former satellite states like the Ukraine and Belarus and    
how good many of these many electronic acts are that likely be unfamiliar to North American
and European audiences. Groups like Theodor Bastard, Biblioteka Prospero, Spies Boys, and     
Volga and artists like Kotra, A(lex). Vorodeyev, hhtp, Serge Tereshkine, and Kryptogen        
Rundfunk. More well-known names like Scanner, COH, Chris Connelly, Alec Empire, K.K. Null,    
and Alva Noto do grace the compilation, but so do many little-known contributors from Japan,  
Turkey, the U.S., the U.K., Austria, and Sweden. All of which makes this double-CD
intriguing not only in terms of opening the doors to these new (at least to these ears)       
acts, but also in exploring how they tackle CoilÆs enigmatic polyglot sound.                  
With Coil, Balance and Peter Christopherson constructed their own hermetic parallel universe
that we were invited to explore, but was ultimately shrouded in mystery, magick, and          
mysticism. It was a world of dreams, arcane British history, hallucinogens, chaos theory,     
sexuality, spirituality, madness, and darkness. For these relentless experimenters, the
conscious, the unconscious and the primal forces of nature were intertwined into a form of
pagan alchemy. Coil likewise infused these transformative, alchemical forces into its music,  
drawing from industrial, noise, glitch, neo-folk, spoken word, church music, dark ambient,    
drones, modern classical, minimalism, and electro-dance. Coil could be spare or orchestral,   
savage and macabre or ecstatic and uplifting, grandiose or intimate, haunting or serene.      
Most of all, it was daring and beautiful.
Despite Coil's lofty aesthetic, these 27 groups and artists more than rise to the challenge   
of paying homage to the unpredictable, self-destructive Balance. The bar is set high          
immediately by Christopherson under the guise of the Threshold HouseboyÆs Choir on "Mahil     
Athal Nadrach" and by Balance himself, who adds his vocals to sometime Coil member,           
Thighpaulsandra's "Christ Teeth", recorded seven months before BalanceÆs death. "Mahil" is    
an affecting hybrid of post-rock and IDM based around marimba and accordion figures and a     
heavily manipulated Asian voice. ôChrist Teethö is a malevolent piece of paranoiac and
bruising industrial dance reminiscent of Coil's Scatology and Horse Rotorvator and featuring  
Balance, in a wicked and tortured sneer, spitting out the chorus: "Your friends are trying    
to kill you".                                                                                 
For the most part, the other tributes lean more towards the darker, noisier, and more
industrial side of the spectrum. The albumÆs one weakness is that some of the pieces veer     
too close to the cartoon goth of Nine Inch Nails, yet are often saved by virtue of the sheer  
depth and substance of the Coil songs the artists have chosen to interpret. Highlights are    
too plenty to mention and there isn't a completely bum track here, with each artist           
capturing the essence of Coil's visionary music without sacrificing its own distinctive
identity. That said, Chris Connelly's acoustic-guitar-driven pop song, "What Lefts But Solid  
Gold", is a peculiarity amid all the noisy electronics.                                       
According to Coil's website, Threshold House, the last song Balance sang was "Going Up", a    
reworking of the theme from 1970s U.K. TV show "Are You Being Served?" at a show in Dublin    
in October 2004. In a clearly prophetic moment, Balance sang the line, "Are you ready to go   
now?" over and over again, with his last words being "It just is". Three weeks later, he was
01   The Threshold Houseboy's Choir - Mahil Athal Nadrach
02   Thighpaulsandra - Christ's Teeth (feat. Jhonn Balance)
03   Theodor Bastard - Love's Secret Domain
04   Kotra - Volt of a Worm
05   Spies Boys - Nasa-Arab
06   Alec Empire - Tribute to Coil (Short Version)
07   2/5 BZ - I Am a Green Child 
08   Chris Connelly - Connelly Whats Left But Solid Gold 
09   Biblioteka Prospero - Heartworms
10   Phillip Klingler aka PBK - It Just Is   
11   KK.Null - Scatovator  
12   EU - Absolute Elsewhere
13   Darling Kandie - Paingame   
14   Pomassl - Oil Philimm 
15   Alexei Borisov - Truth (feat. Ivan Sakolovsky & Dmitri Kutergin)
01   Coh - No Balance
02   Alva Noto - Odradek (Music to Play in the Dark)
03   Schlammpeitziger - Konfliktfickfahig (Live)   
04   Goodiny & PCP - Black Sunraiz
05   Scanner - To Meet the Moon  
06   Brompton's Cocktail - Soma Gestalt (Edit)
07   Mystified - Scratches and Dust (Night Echo Version) 
08   Hhtp - Eclipse  
09   Noises of Russia & Olga Komok/Nikolay Rubanov - Remote Viewer
10   Kryptogen Rundfunk - Throughout Time
11   A.Vorodeyev - Slur (Acoustic Plumbum V.)
12   Serge Tereshkine - Teenage Lighting
13   Volga - Anal Staircase
14   I.L.I. - Green Water
15   M.R.F./Elena Voynarovskaya - Immortality (Live)
16   Theodor Bastard - Love's Secret Domain (Instrumental)
Password: mp3db

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