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ASP - Kosmonautilus / Limited Box Edition (3CD) (2019)
Category: RockGothic | Date: 02.12.2019 18:28
TITLE....... Kosmonautilus / Limited Box Edition (3CD)
STYLE...... Gothic Rock, Industrial Rock
LABEL...... Trisol Music Group
QUALITY... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany
ASP - Kosmonautilus / Limited Box Edition (3CD) (2019)
In 2019, ASP embark on the next stage of their ‘Fremder’ song cycle, bringing the journey they began with their Top 10 album ‘fremd’ and the story they expanded upon on their number two-placed album ‘MaskenHaft’ to a new climax. The direct follow-up to the acclaimed ‘ZUTIEFST’ album goes a step further, revealing itself to be highly emotional, full of attention to detail and above all, presenting a high risk of being infected by earworms. Each song captivates thanks to its very own fantastical treatment, with mastermind Asp Spreng setting about his work with relish. Even though, as usual, the album appears lyrically demanding, offering ASP fans lots of allusions and back references, with ‘Kosmonautilus’ you feel an energy that seems to be in contradiction to the complexity and profundity of the lyrics. The hit density has been increased once again. One gothic novel rock stormer follows the other, and future live evergreens follow hot on each other’s heels.
This time, Asp and his band are especially adroit: At first glance, everything seems to be as before, with the formula for success just having been refined a little further. But yet: The boldness and willingness to experiment are apparent in the musical and lyrical detail. Once more, new genre boundaries are stealthily transcended. Once more, the band reinvents itself, yet gradually, cautiously and without the effects being immediately strikingly apparent.
As ever, well-told musical stories remain in the foreground, Asp inventing them so precisely as never before. One thing becomes clear: Although all the songs work well on their own, everything is interrelated in enigmatic fashion. More and more of ASP’s cosmos reveals itself. How the ‘Schmetterling’ cycle and ‘Fremder’ are intertwined is revealed to all those who open themselves up to it. For everyone else, it remains probably the most cunning and entertaining work that the darker music scene has to offer. Tattoos that have come to life and undead seagods romp about, as do the restless spirits of seafarers who were driven to madness. And this is supposed to be great fun? Yes, and it is.
Unlike barely any other band, Asp combine lyricism, music and artwork to form a unique total work of art. With ‘Kosmonautilus’, they drive their efforts to new heights. All images stem from the 3D forge of creature designer Thomas Klieber, whose figures are so photorealistic that they could conceivably be creatures from the world we know. The result is a panopticon of likeable horror, like you might find in a Hollywood blockbuster.
ASP remain an unfathomable phenomenon in the German music scene. For years now, tirelessly and with a burning passion, they have been winning over an ever-greater audience - and across all scene boundaries. As they do so, the musicians and their art always remain authentic. Without even the slightest currying of favour with the mainstream, they regularly manage high positions in Germany’s official music charts. For a long time now, connoisseurs of challenging lyrics and profound rock music have noticed that there’s no escaping ASP and that there’s nothing to fear from the ‘man in black’. At least, not much.

1. Rückfall (8:39)
2. Morgengrauen irgendwo (5:02)
3. Phragmokontrolle (5:31)
4. Abysseus 2 (Musik) (5:22)
5. Tritons Fall (6:06)
6. Eishimmel (5:40)
7. Liebes Licht (6:52)
8. Tintakel (3:57)
9. Schatten eilen uns voraus (5:36)
10. Abysseus 3 (1:21)
11. Abysseus 4 (4:57)
12. Abysseus 5 (6:34)
13. Kosmonautilus (4:08)
14. Bones (8:07)

1. Torpedos (Live in Stuttgart) (4:34)
2. SonaArta (Live in Dresden) (6:46)
3. zutiefst … (Live in Oberhausen) (10:56)
4. Astoria verfallen (Live in Heidelberg) (5:58)
5. Das Kollektiv (Live in Leipzig) (6:00)
6. Tintakel (Totally Covered by Two Minds Collide) (3:55)
7. Abyssus 2 (Orchestral Reprise) (0:59)
8. Bones (Bonesaw Shortcut) (6:11)
9. Nessaja (5:05)

1. Logbucheintrag: Rückfall (2:38)
2. Logbucheintrag: Morgengrauen irgendwo (3:25)
3. Logbucheintrag: Phragmokontrolle (2:52)
4. Logbucheintrag: Abyssus 2 (Musik) (3:42)
5. Logbucheintrag: Tritons Fall (2:30)
6. Logbucheintrag: Eishimmel (3:20)
7. Logbucheintrag: Liebes Licht (4:22)
8. Logbucheintrag: Tintakel (2:24)
9. Logbucheintrag: Schatten eilen uns voraus (4:06)
10. Logbucheintrag: Abyssus 3 (1:32)
11. Logbucheintrag: Abyssus 4 (2:35)
12. Logbucheintrag: Abyssus 5 (3:08)
13. Logbucheintrag: Kosmonautilus (2:13)
14. Logbucheintrag: Bones (4:07)


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