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Lord Of The Lost - Till Death Us Do Part (3CD) (2019)
Category: RockGothic | Date: 09.08.2019 12:09
ARTIST.... Lord Of The Lost
TITLE....... Till Death Us Do Part - Best Of + Rarities and Remixes
STYLE...... Gothic Rock/Metal, Industrial
...... Out Of Line
QUALITY..... 320kbps
COUNTRY... Germany

Lord Of The Lost - Till Death Us Do Part (3CD) (2019)
There are bands that put their mark on time, that are more than a few buddies with instruments. They succeed to create a total work of art that survives our fast-living consume madness and leave something of value. Doubtlessly Lord Of The Lost are one of those bands – too deep are the traces that their music left on the hearts of the listener.
Hamburg has always been a special place for international music. Bands such as The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix and Black Sabbath entered the stage of the Star Club to gain stardom, and the sea breeze brought sounds from all over the world to the harbor city. An inspiring ambience for a guy from St. Pauli like Chris Harms, who found Lord Of The Lost. With a dark and catchy mélange of Rock, Metal and Elektronics hit about hit was written, hard and heavy yet danceable. 2009 the project evolved to a band, and ten years later it is time to take a look back.
„Till Death Us Do Part“ is a compilation of the most popular Lord-Of-The-Lost-Hits and unifies creations of 10 years of band history, available on CD and 2-LP. The 2-CD version additionally contains a CD with rarities and B-sides incl. guest features of Der Schulz (Unzucht) and Erk Aicrag (Hocico). And for the treasure hunter there is the on 1.000 units strictly limited Digibox version with a Remix CD and a collocation of demo versions, some of them more than 20 years old and written and recorded long before the band was found. „Those recordings show unadorned and naked early versions of well-known Lord Of The Lost-Songs that I recorded as a teenager in adverse conditions and with adverse equipment“, Chris Harms comments. „I have thought long and carefully if I should abandon that, but in the end I decided positively because I would extremely appreciate and respect as a fan of the bands I love if they would do it.“

1. Till Death Us Do Part (2019) (3:19)
2. Loreley (3:40)
3. Morgana (3:45)
4. Black Halo (4:25)
5. Drag Me to Hell (3:58)
6. In Silence (3:45)
7. Raining Stars (4:06)
8. Full Metal Whore (4:05)
9. Dry the Rain (2014) (3:40)
10. La Bomba (4:03)
11. Six Feet Underground (4:38)
12. Fists up in the Air (3:30)
13. Beyond Beautiful (4:00)
14. Die Tomorrow (3:05)
15. Blood for Blood (4:02)
16. See You Soon (4:32)
17. Sex on Legs (3:16)
18. Prison (3:26)
19. Break Your Heart (3:35)

CD2: Rarities
1. One World No Future (3:38)
2. Death Doesn't Kill You but I Do (4:08)
3. Built to Break (4:01)
4. The Most Radical Thing to Do (4:08)
5. La Bomba (Versión Español) (feat. Der Schulz & Erk Aicrag) (4:04)
6. Do You Wanna Die Without a Scar (3:10)
7. This War (3:32)
8. When You're Asleep (3:54)
9. Morsal (5:02)
10. Another Sunny Day in Paradise (3:52)
11. Take the Pain Away (3:26)
12. I.D.G.A.F. (3:11)
13. One Day Everything Will Be Okay (4:14)
14. Trisma (3:41)
15. Words of Sadness (5:22)
16. Zillah (3:34)
17. Marching into Sunset feat. Erk Aicrag (3:44)
18. Love in a Time of War (6:23)

CD3: Remixes
1. Raining Stars (Solar Fake Remix) (5:22)
2. La Bomba (Remixed by Blutengel) (4:01)
3. See You Soon (Svbway To Sally Remix) (3:51)
4. Six Feet Underground (CHROM Remix) (4:05)
5. Die Tomorrow (Staubkind Remix) (3:25)
6. Afterlife of Death (Afterlife Remix by Unzucht) (2:57)
7. Blood for Blood (A Life Divided Club Remix) (4:41)
8. Break Your Heart (Stahlmann Rebuild Mix) (3:47)
9. 666 Feet Underground (Six Feet Underground Remix by Death Valley High) (3:34)
10. Full Metal Whore (Dope Stars Inc. Remix) (4:14)
11. Kill It with Fire (But Kill It Good - Rabia Sorda Version) (4:08)
12. Sex on Legs (Formalin Club Mix) (3:07)
13. Blood for Blood (Ein Walzer Für Klarinette Und Pianoforte by Coppelius) (3:06)
14. La(tin) Bomba (Official Not Exactly Very Dark Remix) (3:43)
15. Die Tomorrow (Swing Tomorrow Version by Rocksin) (3:22)
16. Dry the Rain (Re-Encoded by Michael Jürgens) (4:24)
17. Dry the Rain (Remix by Pcatchu) (4:25)
18. Dry the Rain (Orchestra Version) (feat. feat. Mono Inc.) (3:17)

Lord Of The Lost - Ruins (EP) (2018)
Lord Of The Lost - Thornstar (2CD Deluxe Edition) (2018)
Lord Of The Lost - Swan Songs II (2017)
Lord of the Lost - Empyrean (Deluxe Edition) (2016)
Subway To Sally & Lord Of The Lost - Eisheilige Nacht 2016 (2016)
Lord Of The Lost - The Love of God (MCD) (2016)
Lord Of The Lost - A Night to Remember (Acoustic Live in Hamburg) (2015)
Lord Of The Lost - Full Metal Whore (EP) (2015)
Lord Of The Lost - Swan Symphonies (Deluxe Edition) (2015)
Lord Of The Lost - Swan Songs (Deluxe Edition) (2015)
Lord Of The Lost - Six Feet Underground (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - From The Flame Into The Fire (Deluxe Edition) (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - La Bomba (Single) (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - MMXIV EP (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - Afterlife (EP) (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - We Give Our Hearts - Live auf St. Pauli (Deluxe Edition) (2013)
Lord Of The Lost - Die Tomorrow (2CD) (2012)
Lord Of The Lost - Beside & Beyond (EP) (2012)
Lord Of The Lost - Antagony (2011)
Lord Of The Lost - Fears (2010)

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