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Lord Of The Lost - From The Flame Into The Fire (Deluxe Edition) (2014)
Category: RockGothic | Date: 23.05.2014 15:47
ARTIST.... Lord Of The Lost
TITLE....... From The Flame Into The Fire (Deluxe Edition)
STYLE...... Gothic Rock/Metal, Industrial
LABEL..... Out Of Line
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany
Lord Of The Lost - From The Flame Into The Fire (Deluxe Edition) (2014)
Lord Of The Lost are continuing their success-story with their new album. „From The Flame Into The Fire“ is harder, more epic, more versatile, more melodic and more unpredictable... to sum it up: it is bigger than anything the band has previously released.

The sky is the limit! The title of Lord Of The Lost's new album, „From The Flame Into The Fire“, can be taken quite literally. This time around, the band cranks everything up to 11, as if to show that the previous outings have been mere warm-up exercises for this relentlessly entertaining romp into the fires of hell. The programmatic opener „Fists Up In The Air“ already quite effectively fuses Queen-style opera-pathos with Metal-attacks of the heftier kind and prepares for a way heavier take on the trademark Lord Of The Lost sound than we have been used to. When in the past, it was hard to shake the feeling that there is a beast slumbering just beneath the surface of the group's music, it has now been unleashed to go on a full blown rampage, with Lord Of The Lost clearly having fun blowing out our ear pipes with Metal-onslaught after Metal-onslaught, on top of a cornucopia of superb arrangements and catchy melodies. But that is not the only aspect where „From The Flame Into The Fire“ delivers in bucketloads, as the massive cinematic sound, emotional roller coaster rides and the sheer versatility of musical influences surpasses anything the Hamburg-based lads have been conjuring up before. Sporting a wide grin, the band dishes up a Gothic-Salsa-Metal-Crossover-juggernaut in form of „La Bomba“, a perfect example of how the unlikeliest of combinations can produce an effective and utterly addictive tune, only to move on and prove that even the heaviest Riff-monster can have hit-potential. In all the songs, there is always a catchy melody to hook itself up in your brain among all the mayhem and Lord Of The Lost do not fail to deliver on the dark atmospheric side of things, either. The new magnum opus will be released as a regular album CD and a deluxe double disc, sporting a bonus record featuring remixes and reinventions of a selection of Lord-Of-The-Lost-tunes by friends, among them Subway To Sally, Letzte Instanz, OST+FRONT, Rabia Sorda, Comte Caspar von Coppelius and Formalin, all of which manage to uncover previously unheard sides of the material.


01. Fists Up In The Air
02. Kingdom Come
03. La Bomba
04. Afterlife
05. Kill It With Fire
06. Six Feet Underground
07. Go To Hell
08. Odium
09. My Own Shadow
10. Bitch
11. I'll Sleep When You're Dead - Lord Of The Lost / Blair, Douglas
12. Holy F - Lord Of The Lost / Jiers, Nina
13. In A Perfect World

CD2 (From The Rain Into The Flood)
01. See You Soon (Subway To Sally Remix)
02. Kill It With Fire (But Kill It Good) (Rabia Sorda Version)
03. Eure Siege (Ost+Front Version)
04. Heart For Sale (Darkhaus Remix)
05. Die Tomorrow - The Day After (Remix By Letzte Instanz)
06. Blood For Blood (A Life Divided Club Remix)
07. Sex On Legs (Formalin Club Mix)
08. Prologue (Mental Breakdown Remix)
09. I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Massiv In Mensch Remix)
10. Nothing Words Can Say (Noodlz Remix)
11. My Heart Is Black (The Law Remix)
12. Break Your Heart (Stahlmann Rebuild Mix)
13. Do You Wanna Die Without A Scar (Hell Boulevard Version)
14. My Own Shadow (Latexxx Teens Version)
15. Le Comte Caspar Von Coppelius: Blood For Blood (Ein Walzer Fur Klarinette Und Pianoforte)
16. Die Tomorrow (Swing Tomorrow Version By Rocksin)
17. Sex On Legs (Hotel Lounge Version)


Lord Of The Lost - La Bomba (Single) (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - MMXIV EP (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - Afterlife (EP) (2014)
Lord Of The Lost - We Give Our Hearts - Live auf St. Pauli (Deluxe Edition) (2013)
Lord Of The Lost - Die Tomorrow (2CD) (2012)
Lord Of The Lost - Beside & Beyond (EP) (2012)
Lord Of The Lost - Antagony (2011)
Lord Of The Lost - Fears (2010)

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