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X-Marks The Pedwalk - Transformation (2020)

Reaxion Guerrilla - I Hate You (Special 2020 Edition) (2020)

Assemblage 23 - Mourn (2CD Deluxe Edition) (2020)

Nero Bellum - The Voice Of Your Blood Cries To Me From The Soil (2020)

Larva - Desolation Road (2020)


Aghast View - Rare + Remastered (2020)

Novakill - Iconoclast (2020)

U96 & Wolfgang Fl?r - Transhuman (2020)

AD:keY - Resonanz (2CD Deluxe Edition) (2020)

Armageddon Dildos - Dystopia (2CD Deluxe Edition) (2020)

Suicide Commando - Dein Herz, Meine Gier / Bunkerb!tch (EP) (2020)

VA - Gothic Music Orgy, Vol. 6 (2020)

X-Perience - 555 (2CD Deluxe Edition) (2020)

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Category: Metal | Date: 02.02.2006 19:07

The awesome discography contains the tracks from the Split 7" with Agathocles, Split 7" with Final Exit, Split 7" with Unholy Grave, Split 7" with Terrorism, Split 7" with Maggot Shoes, Split 7" with Sewn Shut Split 7" with The Jazz Intrusion, Split 7" with Birdflesh, Split 7" with Din-Addict, Split-7" with Intumescence, also the compilation tracks from "The 7inch Stunt Compilation" 7", the 4-way 7" with Dysmorfic, Jigsore & Kadaverficker, the Unlawful Grindcore Assembly Comp.-7" and the tracks from the Obscene Extreme 2004, El Grinding Mafiozos Compilation #2, Razorback- The horror hive 2004 Compilation CD.

Genre...: Grindcore
Quality.: VBR / Joint-Stereo
Rel Date: 01-13-2006

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Category: MetalBlack, death metal | Date: 31.01.2006 23:28
Genre: Death Metal
Quality: VBR/44,1/Joint-Stereo
Rls Date: 27-01-2006
Size: 57,5 MB
Length: 35:33 min 
01.The God that Never Was
02.Shadows of the Mutilated
03.Time Heals Nothing
05.Never Forget, Never Forgive
06.Trail of the Dead
07.Phantoms (of the Oath)
08.Into the Temple of Humiliation
09.Blood for Paradise
10.Feel the Darkness
11.Where No Ghost is Holy
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Category: AlternativeLo-Fi | Date: 31.01.2006 19:48
Rendezvous Lounge is the first in a series, and features the mixed beats and atmospheric sounds of downtempo electronic music. The artist lineup showcases some of the most talented and renowned artists in from their respective countries including Holland, France, Italy, Norway and the UK.
genre: Lo-Fi
subgenre: Downtempo
quality: VBRkbps / 44.1Khz / Joint-Stereo
01.Lazybatusu - Endless Road
02.Afterlife - Shine
03.Tassel & Naturel feat DJ Cam - Drivin'
04.Scott Yahney - Flotation
05.Riccardo Eberspacher - Sand
06.Adani & Wolf feat Praful - Where Would I Be, Sem Seu Amor
07.David Stellmach - Spring Lake
08.Camiel - El Alba
09.Marc Antoine - Can You Feel It
10.Mark Gorbulew - Manhatten Groove
11.Praful - Wishful Walk
12.Patrick L. - Florida Vibes
13.Montefiori Cocktail - Gypsy Woman

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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 31.01.2006 19:37
The first release from brand new UK based underground label Infekted Sound aiming to promote and release underground artists from the UK focusing on the genres of Power Noise, Rhythmic Noise, Industrial Techno, Hardcore Industrial, Breakbeat / Core, Ambient and Intelligent Beats and rhythms. "Rhythms For Decay" brings together some of France's finest underground projects from such respected labels as the Audiotrauma Crew as well as friends from Divine Comedy, Brume Records, YB70 and Parametric and also featuring contributions from Nein Records, Crunch Pod and the legendary Ant Zen label alongside underground UK acts that must be heard and deserve to be played. This compilation is designed for the dancefloor and engineered for the post club gathering, being both unique in production and rich in sound: "Rhythms For Decay" hits where it hurts and trances out when needed from evolving atmospheres and harsh ambience to attention shattering vocals whilst progressing through the various styles of modern noise music including brutally pounding four to the floor rhythms, frenetic breaknoise and layered, intelligent harsh soundscapes, catchy tunes and evocative pieces with each track being totally exclusive to this release. "Rhythms For Decay" is a must for fans of the aforementioned genres and DJ's alike...       
GENRE: Rhythmic Noise, Industrial Techno, Hardcore Industrial, Breakbeat / Core, Ambient and Intelligent Beats and rhythms
REL.DATE: Jan-05-2006
MODE: VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
01 Twinkle - Le Passage
02 Chrysalide Vs FYD - Sorry
03 Flint Glass - Alhazred
04 Shizuka - Connected
05 Lith - Breathe
06 EVA|3 - N.D.E
07 ESA - We All Know The World Is Wrong
08 Autoclav1.1 - Hollow Point (Terrorfakt Mix)
09 Iszoloscope - Insubstantiability (Decay_Cut)
10 TriaX - Bodyhammer
11 Ebola - Destructonoise
12 Dyspraxia - Controlling Their Desires
13 Queynte - Suffering Arousal
14 Rudra Vena & Industriepalast - Clay (Brummkreisel Mix)
15 Sonic Area - My Ghost

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Category: Electronic | Date: 31.01.2006 18:32
GENRE..... Electronic
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Jan-20-2006
01 Ineo
02 Retrospect 
03 Sacrament
04 Scarred
05 Border
06 Pathogen
07 Elements Of Silence
08 The Violence In Me
09 The Guiding Light
10 Ego
11 The Perfect Circle
12 Essence Of Angels

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Category: MetalBlack, death metal | Date: 31.01.2006 18:19
Formed in September 2003 in Eltham, Victoria (Melbourne), Paroxysm is a band that strives to be unique trying to produce sounds and songs of a new genre, Paroxysm try to be there own kind of Metal. Support the OzzCore!!!
You'll be sure to hear from the boys in the months to come as the E.P. The Depth of Hatred has just been released and is getting to new ears every day. Watch out for them as they are coming to play for you very soon and will hopefully blow you away.....
GENRE      : Death Metal
RELEASE    : Jan-13-2006
QUALiTY    : VBRkbps/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo
SiZE       : 46,9 MB
01 - Alone With the Devil
02 - Abolishment
03 - Scavenger
04 - Paranoia
05 - Forever Hated

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Category: MetalBlack, death metal | Date: 31.01.2006 01:55
"Unearthly Affinity" is professionally recorded material. They entered Diet of Worms Studio where they worked with Juan "Punchy" Gonzales. He produced Diabolic's albums therefore you can wonder if Impurity's sound is close to a sound of these Florida's blastmasters. Fortunately Impurity goes the own way and similarity to Diabolic isn't significant. First of all this is completely different school of death metal. Impurity's music is mainly mid-paced with only few really fast parts. However, its brutality is crushing. "Unearthly Affinity" belongs to the most intense and heaviest Florida's materials I've ever heard and I've heard almost every good material recorded by bands from this state. Not only brutality itself but also musicianship on this album is of the very good quality. The compositions on "Unearthly Affinity" have many memorable riffs. They aren't very intricate taking into consideration their structures but still it is technically really advanced material. Impurity is definitely one of the most interesting representatives of the new wave of Florida's death metal, also because of the unquestionable originality of their music. I only regret that "Unearthly Affinity" lasts only 15 minutes. Anyway in category "MCD" it is one of the best materials of latest months.
Music Type: Death Metal
Rip Date: Jan-29-2006
Release Date: Feb-05-2005
Encoding: VBRkbps
01  Unearthly Affinity
02  Summoning the Swarm
03  The Awakening of Kumbhakarna
04  Masked in Bloodfall
05  End of Ages

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Category: ElectronicTrip-Hop | Date: 30.01.2006 19:08
Sestatee is back. Some real nice trip-hop with sweet vocals from judith jahn. Lean back, close your eyes and chill to the sound. Maybe a becks is the wrong frug for this piece of music - you  choose!
Note: other tracks, not released yet, are on the cd as multimedia file. If you like it, buy it, you morons!
GENRE: Trip-Hop                 
QUALiTY: High Quality VBRkbit 44,1Khz 
RELDATE: Jan-10-2006
SiZE: 29,3 MB
01 phonoploid (air play)
02 maxiploid (making of)
03 interploid (9 gram)
04 phonoploid (14 for 33)
05 3blue remix (by dj dren)

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Category: Electronic | Date: 30.01.2006 16:34
Genre.....: Electronic
Quality...: VBRkbps / 44,1Hz / Joint-Stereo
Rel.Date: 20-01-2006

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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 30.01.2006 16:28
After extreme anxiety (getting this thing fully pressed was... horrible), forget it and toss your Prozac down the drink. As a bonus, Amoxicillin has absolutley no effect, whatsoever, against the U.S. version of "Disease". It is at long last available. Due to domestic social concerns, Regenerator has replaced the European version's "End of File" with "Nothing", along with new  versions of "Organism" and "Contagious", on the U.S. release. To hell with "Bird Flu", this bug is way better. Promise!!
GENRE..... Electronic, EBM
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER... Lame 3.90.3 Mod
REL.DATE.. Jan-10-2006
01 Organism (US Version)
02 Apnea
03 Airbourne
04 Contagious (US Version)
05 Cauterize
06 Disease
07 Hope
08 Fatale
09 Cured
10 Death
11 Nothing
12 The Grave
13 The Reaper

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Category: Electronic | Date: 30.01.2006 16:19
Latest maxi-single "Bird Of Happiness" from russian trio ALTERA FORMA, who supported Project Pitchfork on their last tour. This maxi includes four tracks from the upcoming album "Asta La Vista!" and is limited to 200 copies only - dark elektropop from Russia!
GENRE..... Dark electropop
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE.. Jan-17-2006
01 Encased (Single Version)
02 Bird Of Happiness
03 Heaven's Attack (Single Version)
04 The Shadow (Single Version)
05 Two Steps To The Madness (Psycho Mix)
06 Ultramarine (Silent Trip Mix)

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Category: MetalBlack, death metal | Date: 30.01.2006 02:08
Here's the last MCD from the Polish death metal gods: Vader ! This is the  japanese retail version, you'll find a bonus track called "DIE !!!", which is really fast and violent! Japanese cover and obi strip joinned.
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: Jan/20/2006
Raped with:  Eac & Lame3.90.3 Modified   / VBRkpbs
01 - Para Bellum
02 - This is the War
03 - Lead Us !!!
04 - Banners on the Wind
05 - What Colour is Your Blood
06 - Die  !!! (Gin Psie)
07 - Death in Silence

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Category: MetalBlack, death metal | Date: 30.01.2006 01:41
DVD rip of Deicide's "When London Burns" recorded live at The Mean Fiddler, London 29th November 2004. Release date 1/23/06.
Genre...: Death Metal
Quality.: VBR / Joint-Stereo
Rel Date: 01-13-2006
01. Intro
02. Scars Of The Crucifix
03. They Are The Children Of The Underworld
04. Bastard Of Christ
05. When Satan Rules His World
06. Once Upon The Cross
07. Kill The Christian
08. Serpents Of The Light
09. Dead But Dreaming
10. Lunatic Of God's Creation
11. Sacrificial Suicide
12. When Heaven Burns
13. Dead By Dawn
14. Behind The Light, Thou Shall Rise
15. Deicide
16. Crucifxiation
17. Christ Denied
18. Oblivious To Evil

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Category: Rap | Date: 30.01.2006 00:51
Genre: Hip-Hop 05-12-2005 28-01-2006
Quality: 192 Kbit/44,1kHz/Full Stereo
Size: 08 Tracks/34,6 MB/25:08 min
01. Nobody Believes Me
02. It's Simple Aint It
03. In The Ground Wit Ya Niggaz
04. Whip Pussy
05. It Ain't A Secret (Fat Joe/d Block Diss)
06. Why We Waitin
07. Everywhere You Go
08. 6 Figga Nigga

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Category: Psychedelic | Date: 29.01.2006 19:31
Genre.....: New Age
Quality...: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint
01. Hello & Welcome (the Dusted Variations by Armstrong)
02. The Cild in Us
03. Age of Loneliness
04. Eyes of Truth
05. Rivers of Belief
06. Endless Quest
07. Sadeness (Part 1)
08. Voyageur
09. Beyond the Invisible

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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 29.01.2006 19:20
Genre......: Industrial   
Rel. Date..: Jan-09-2006
Size.......: 90,8 MB
Quality....: VBR kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
01 Cruxshadows - Love and Hatred [neuroactive Remix]
02 Ctrl - Recognition
03 Bunker Soldier - Infection
04 Eisbrecher - Wilkommen Im Nichts
05 Cryptomnesia - Adding Water to the Ocean [releveler Mix]
06 Obszon Geschopf - Living Dead
07 Babyland - Nativity
08 Sino - Breach
09 The Drown - Vile Bodies
10 Temple of  Tears - Ardor [radio Edit - Featuring Miss Ferox]
11 Intrasonic - No Surprise
12 Ikonoklast - Enjoy the Silence
13 Godkomplex - Diminutive
14 Wormcult - 2 Por Foar Porno
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Category: Rap | Date: 29.01.2006 05:54

Genre...: R&B
Quality.: VBR / 44.1  / Joint-Stereo
Playtime: 26:50 min
Size....: 40,3 MB
Rip Date: 01-03-2006

Track List:
01. Thank You Lord
02. Ooh-(Live)
03. Love At First Sight-(Live)
04. My Life 05
05. Im Going Down-(Live)
06. Cant Hide from Luv-(Live)
07. Be Without You-(Live)
08. Cant Hide Love-(Live)

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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 29.01.2006 05:26
GENRE..... Electro
MODE...... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo

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Category: Electronic | Date: 29.01.2006 02:36
GENRE..... Electronic
MODE...... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo

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Category: Soundtrack (OST) | Date: 29.01.2006 02:20
01   Introduction
02   Young Alexander
03   Titans
04   The Drums Of Gaugamela
05   One Morning At Pella
06   Roxane's Dance
07   Eastern Path
08   Gardens Of Delight
09   Roxane's Veil
10   Bagoas' Dance
11   The Charge
12   Preparation
13   Across the Mountains
14   Chant
15   Immortality
16   Dream Of Babylon
17   Eternal Alexander
18   Tender Memories
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Category: Electronic | Date: 28.01.2006 18:56
Альбом просто бомба! Всем качать обязательно!
2004 album from russian trio ALTERA FORMA, who supported Project Pitchfork on their last tour. Some dark elektropop with elements of Trip Hop from Russia! As you can see on the cover, the album has no real title. Some mailorders sell it as "Altera Forma" as album name so it`s obviuosly self-titled.
GENRE..... Electronic
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE.... Jan-17-2006

01 Activa (Intro)
02 Freidism
03 Two Steps To The Madness
04 Adorations
05 Ultramarine
06 Where Are Your Little Adolfy?
07 Letost Star Moih Unila
08 Wintergardens
09 The Star

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Category: MetalBlack, death metal | Date: 28.01.2006 18:55
28 track compilation cd featuring all grindethic artists and some great international bands!
Genre...: Death Metal
Quality.: VBR / Joint-Stereo
Rel Date: 01-22-2006
01. Defeated Sanity - Liquifying Cerebral Hemispheres
02. Pulverized - Incogminious Slaughter
03. Beef Conspiracy - Cerebral Minge
04. Grot - Hells Bells And Rotten Smells
05. Grot - Mouthfull Of Grub
06. Suppository - The Bate
07. Putrefy - Mutilated Slutfuck
08. Brainchoke - Jester Of Belial
09. Fetus Eaters - Father Howard
10. Infected Disarry - Gestated Human Slurry
11. Detrimentum - Scalestomeasurethemisfortuneofman
12. Mass Murder - Homicidal Whore
13. Brodequin - Verdrinken
14. Gutteral Secrete - Slit Into Succulence
15. Desecration - Maggots In Evidence
16. Necrocest - Chronic Rot 
17. Dysmorfic - Grey Nothingness
18. Dysmorfic - You Hate Me, You Don't Know Me  
19. Antigama - Flies
20. Antigama - Bloodmaker
21. Death Du Jour - Triangle Gallows
22. The Enchanted - Where Fires Burn
23. Bahimiron - Terror Division Bloodstrike
24. Arum - Scoria Sovereignty Annihilation
25. Nailed - Vermin (Have Inherited The Earth)
26. Brutal Insanity - Hate Race
27. Corpse Carving - Fermenting The Skinned
28. Twitch Of The Death Nerve - Promulgation Of Infected Innards
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Для ознакомления )
Category: Other | Date: 28.01.2006 18:22
Вот уже постепенно сайт становится на ноги и набирает обороты. 2000+ человек уже ежедневно с нами, что конечно же радует.
Немножко оговорюсь для тех, кто зашёл сюда только что или совсем недавно, что можно найти на этом сайте. Как Вы видите, разделы на сайте охватывают практически все возможные музыкальные стили, однако основной упор делается на следующие стили: industrial, EBM, electro, trip-hop, metal, death-metal, black-metal, alternative, alternative rock. Все самые важные релизы данных направлений будут выкладываться первым делом.
Разрешается постить нашу музыку у себя на сайте, с обязательным условием - указывать ссылку на
Не забывайте посещать нас ежедневно!
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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 28.01.2006 17:49
GENRE.... Industrial, EBM
QUALITY...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE.. Jan-27-2006

Proceed - Neusprache (2006)

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Category: RockGothic | Date: 28.01.2006 16:55
With "Lutherion 2.0" the high priest of the international Gothic scene turns over a new leaf in the history of Garden Of Delight and carries the listener on a journey into the light but also back to eternal darkness. 
"Lutherion 2.0" delivers a sound that is harder and more sombre than anything Garden Of Delight have released while electronic elements are also emphasised. A powerful and dark album which contains harsh guitars and compelling electronic sounds in a rather occult environment. The connecting element, however, is Artaud's distinctive and charismatic voice which provides an appropriate framework to the conceptual character of the album without neglecting the band's roots and its standing as one of the most important Gothic bands of the last decade...
This is the Limited Edition version of the new Garden Of Delight album "Lutherion 2.0" - presented as a Deluxe Limited Double-Digipak complete with special matt paint and costly silver stamping. This version also includes two 12-sided booklets, exclusive tracks and a complete 15 track live album!
GENRE.... Gothic Rock
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE.. Jan-23-2006
01 From Heresy
02 Omen
03 Play Dead
04 Runechild
05 Earthbound
06 Haunting Fear
07 Vast
08 Saturation
09 Lux Occulta
10 Play Dead (Idra Rabba)
11 Play Dead (Sanctus Deus)
12 Play Dead (Sanctus Fortis)
01 Intro
02 Black Mass
03 Levitation
04 Immortality
05 Angel Whore (Epilog)
06 Deeper We Fall
07 Northern Skies
08 Stigmata
09 Alice
10 Bleak Horizon
11 High Empress
12 First Confession
13 Confession
14 Necromanteion
15 Ancient God

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